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For a signed copy of a book, please send your check to: Maxwell MacKenzie
14939 Neer Lane
Purcellville, VA 20132
Abandonings Book Cover

64 pages, hardbound, containing 28 color panoramic images from this series.

"Maxwell MacKenzie is an extraordinary chronicler. An architectural photographer of note, MacKenzie's subject matter is America's heartland, his images focusing on those abandoned farmhouses, sagging barns, windowless schoolhouses of the rural West....They are all beautiful, one stunning image after another reflecting not only MacKenzie's devotion to the ideas he considers, but also his devotion to beauty. In other words, these are works of art in which everything in the frame counts. His astute eye finds the exact moment in which composition, form , light and color are all perfectly calibrated. The planes and proportions of the architecture, the drama and nuances of the atmosphere, are all documented with such precision and clarity that it's hard to believe that these vistas actually exist in such touching perfection. " — Judy Birke, Connecticut Central.com

American Ruins Book Cover

"American Ruins, Ghosts on the Landscape"
80 pages, soft-cover, containing 30 black & white panoramic images from this series.

"Its hard to write a review of a book like this. It's like trying to explain to your children why you love them....these. photographs are a spiritual experience on paper that comes as close to the experience of truth as can be done without becoming it yourself. They are haunting, wistful, emotional evocations of the pain of time and loss. ...This is one of the most remarkably photographed books to come off the presses in a long time. Not just well done, but literally beyond compare, the sole occupant of its category. The photographs are closer to poetry without a pen than to the interaction between film and lens. " — Dana De Zoysa, The Midwest Book Review

Markings Book Cover

96 pages, hardbound, containing 45 color aerial images from this series.

"Even after exhibiting several iterations of one big idea, documenting the visual beauty of rural America, Washington photographer Max MacKenzie remains at the top of his game. His mesmerizing palette and knack for spotting improbable geometries set his work apart." — Louis Jacobsen, photography critic, The City Paper, Washington, DC

For a signed copy of "Abandonings", send a check for $40 to the address above.

For a signed copy of "American Ruins, Ghosts on the Landscape", send a check for $40 to the address above.

For a signed copy of "Markings", send a check for $50 to the address above.

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